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This is me. I believe all of my great-grandparents were Eastern European and Russian Jews who came to the US in the late 1800s or early 1900s. I'm not religious. Mostly I identify as a New Yorker. #ThisMakesAmericaGreat
This is my sister (left). She is also my half-sister. My father started a second family. Her father is my father, but we have different mothers. She was visiting her grandmother, who is also a kind of grandmother to me. She is originally from the Dominican Republic and has a tremendous spirit. #ThisMakesAmericaGreat
This is my sister (center). She is also my step-sister. My mother remarried a divorced man with two kids. My sister had asked me to come take photos for the launch of her new small business. She is married to a man from the Netherlands. Her partners are from Australia (left) and Israel (right). #ThisMakesAmericaGreat
This is my daughter (right) with friends at elementary school. They were dressed up for a class on the 1800s. The child at left was born in Nepal, then adopted into a Presbyterian home headed by a single mother. She traces her family back to the Mayflower (father's side) and to the first European settlers in the North Georgia mountains (mother's side). The father of the child at center has researched the family's genealogy, and says hers includes Dutch, Hungarian, Irish, Scottish, English, Czechoslovakian, with some American Indian and African. #ThisMakesAmericaGreat
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